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We offer installation and disposal on all our items.

We inspect all existing services and will discuss with you if there is an issue and advise the best course of action. When disconnection is not selected as an option the existing appliance must be disconnected (uninstalled) and water free (where possible) pre delivery for our engineers to install the replacement appliance.

In extreme or unsafe circumstances our engineers will advise you how we can solve the issue for you.

We can remove the old product for you (charges apply) this will be recycled in an ethical way and in line with current legislation.

Installation Types


 Standard Installation is plug and play to a stand, we will connect up your existing peripherals

 TV peripherals e.g. DVD/Blu Ray Player

 Standard Installation is plug and play to your new or existing TV

TV wall install

 Installation is of the brackets and installing the TV to the bracket. Any cable management, additional cables etc are not included as standard. We offer a quotation service for all wall installs, this is £30 and is deducted off the final bill.

Electric cookers

 Standard installation is to official existing fittings, This is offered on both freestanding and built in appliances.

Gas Cookers

 Carried out by Gas safe engineers to existing official gas connections, This is offered on both freestanding and built in appliances inc hobs.

Dual Fuel Cookers

 Carried out by Gas safe engineers to existing official gas connections, This is offered on freestanding only

American Style Fridge Freezer

 Connection is available to existing water connections for plumbed, non plumbed machines can be installed as long as there is an existing plug. This is offered on both freestanding and built in appliances.

Range Cooker - Electrics 

Standard installation is to official existing fittings

Range Cooker - Gas or Dual Fuel

 Carried out by Gas safe engineers to existing official gas connections, This is offered on both freestanding and built in appliances inc hobs.


 We don’t offer a set up service for floorcare, we can dispose of the item if it is brought into us free of charge.

Standard Refrigeration Install


Door Reversal refrigeration (per item, inc Install)


Standard Laundry Install with Disconnection


Standard Dishwasher Install with Disconnection


Freestanding or Built in Electric Standard Install


Freestanding or Built in Gas Standard Install


Freestanding or Built in Dual Fuel Standard Install


TV Install with TV Supply


American Fridge Freezer Standard Install


Range Cooker Standard Install (gas, electric, dual fuel)


Refrigeration Disposal


Laundry Disposal


Dishwasher Disposal


Cooking Disposal


TV Disposal (LCD, Plasma, LED)


TV Disposal (CRT)


American Fridge Freezer Disposal


Range Cooker Disposal


Before we arrive

There are several things you can do to help us ensure your delivery/installation goes as smoothly as possible

Please ensure you are available within the time slot agreed either 9.30-1 or 1.00-4.30

Remove any delicate items

Notify us of any stairs, narrow passages or doorways

Secure pets to avoid any ‘underfoot accidents’

Ensure working taps, mains power and aerials (as applicable) are in place

Decide on the exact position of your new product(s)

Provide clear access to your property

Ensure Walkways and floor areas are clear and accessible

Ensure unrestricted access to taps and mains points

Make sure you have all necessary bits and pieces e.g. existing leads & cables

Check to make sure that connection points e.g. plug sockets, drainage & water supplies are within the read of the manufacturers supplied cables & pipes, we may not be able to complete installation and you may be charged additional fees if you require a return visit.

Standard installation does not include any alterations to plumbing, electrics or containing units. We can carry out alterations if required but these are chargeable.

We are unable to remove molded plugs from appliances due to health and safety as well as voiding the warranty, our engineers are able to provide a solution to this but it is chargeable.

Cooker installs including gas & electric

All gas & Dual Fuel Cookers require a working gas supply within 1.5M or the location of the appliance in the same room, (even if you have gas central heating this does not guarantee you have a gas supply for the cooker).

To prevent the risk of fire, the area behind & above a hob must not have any combustible  materials such as wallpaper, fabrics, wood or shelving in it. The clearance space above a Gas hob is 75cm (750mm, 29.53”) or greater & 65cm (650mm, 25.6”) or greater and 5cm (50mm, 1.97”) either side of the hob,  The area must also be clear of any electrical switches, power points, alarm sensors or boilers.

Any work surfaces directly next to the appliance must be the same height or lower than the hob. High level grills require a space of 55cm (550mm, 21.66”) above and 15cm (150mm,5.91”) either side of the grill.

This is a legal requirement and should any of these be present when our fitters arrive we will be unable to carry out the installation. Please check the manufacturer's information as there are some variances.

Also please check your ventilation there needs to be an open able window or door to the outside of the property in the room. If the window opens into the conservatory then this will not provide sufficient ventilation and you will need to have this rectified before we attend for installation or select an electric appliance from our fantastic range.

LPG- If you have an LPG Gas supply you will need to select a cooker that is LPG compatible or can be converted. You have need to purchase a separate LPG kit so the cooker can be converted to work on LPG cylinders. Please ask for further information.

Dual Fuel cookers (which draw over 3KW) and most electric cookers require a 32 amp fuse on a dedicated cooker circuit, this is usually identifiable by a big red isolation switch and needs to be within 2m of the installation location of the cooker and not directly above or behind the hob.

Product Returns

If you need to return a product(s) because you are a consumer and have cancelled the contract within the fourteen working days cooling off period, you are responsible for the cost of returning the product or for any charges for collecting the product from you.


Upon receiving the product back we will refund the price of the product(s) in full including any initial delivery or service charges less the cost, incurred collecting the product(s), or replacing any missing items or accessories.  We will process the refund due to you as soon as possible and, in any case within fourteen days of the day we take receipt of the product(s).

If you are returning a product(s) that are faulty you will not be responsible for any collection costs. Please contact us and we will look at resolving the issue for you (this maybe via our own engineers or contacting the manufacturer). If the issue cannot be resolved and the product is less than 28 days old then the product can be returned. We can then either replace the appliance or a refund, replacement is usually the same model or equivalent, if you wish to upgrade charges may apply. If you require the item uninstall and/or reinstalling charges may apply.

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